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Happy Customers

Mark is not only a former coworker, but also my preferred Massage Therapist. His ability to reduce the chronic pain of muscle spasms, headaches, and adhesions deep within muscle tissue after an injury made the difference in my ability to tolerate and participate in other forms of physical therapy while I healed from several herniated lumbar discs. The cranial-sacral techniques he uses are effective in reducing the severity and frequency of headaches associated with the same injury.
The staff he employs are more than qualified to care for sports related injuries, auto accidents injuries and relaxation. You cannot find a better team to care for your body than Mark's team

Jeanne Warnars

Business Owner at Perspectives by JHW

I've been getting massages here for a long time. I've seen many different therapists and have never been disappointed. Each one has taken time to get to know me, make me feel comfortable and get the most out of my visits! Thanks for being here.

Jim Jackson

After my first 3 sessions with Mark, I am so happy to say I have almost full use of my hands. After years of being all crippled up and having tried everything I had the most improvement/healing with him. I have learned so much from him in just a short amount of time. I have been to other massage therapists but Mark by far is the BEST! Highly recommend him!

Audrey V.

This is the place to go to cure your aches & pains. I had carpal tunnel surgery about 4 weeks ago & the massage therapy feels great. Do something good for yourself!

Donna S.

For the past few years Mary has done a great job taking care of my neck and back pain. During my last appointment she preformed a craniosacral technique, which significantly reduced the pain from my tennis elbow almost to nothing. What a difference she has made in my day to day activities at work and home. Thanks Mary!

Greg G.