Pain Relief

Relieve Pain With Massage Therapy


Inflamed, aching muscles exhibit low lymphatic flow, which contributes to the pain. When you sign up for a treatment session at Fulcher’s Therapeutic Massage, our skilled staff will:

  • Pinpoint your problem areas
  • Loosen your tense muscles
  • Work to release endorphins and other natural pain relievers

Get the pain relief your body is crying out for, and schedule massage therapy at our Lapeer, MI location today.


At Fulcher’s Therapeutic Massage, we make pain relief simple. Heal and rejuvenate your muscles with a massage. We can target your:

  • Neck pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Lower back pain

You name the problem area, and we’ll take it from there. Our stress relief massages and injury massages are a natural, healthy way to bring your body back to full mobility and comfort.

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Massage can Relief Pain

Your body aches and you can’t wait to get to your next massage appointment, to help alleviate the pain. You absolutely know how much better you will feel after getting your massage. Massage helps relieve pain.

How does massage relieve pain?


Here are a few reasons:
-Massage stimulates the release of natural pain-relievers such as endorphins.
-Massage stretches tight muscles and sends calming messages to the nervous system.
-Massage increases circulation, helping to flush waste products from the muscles in pain.
-Massage releases trigger points. Trigger points are irritable spots that feel like lumps or knots. They send uncomfortable sensations to other parts of the body.
-Increases the Lymphatic flow to decrease the inflammation from the painful area.
-Massage softens tightened muscles and their connective tissue coverings (called fascia.) Fascia is like a thin layer of plastic wrap that wraps around each muscle and organ. It truly is what connects the knee bone to the hip bone. (You may have heard that song before) As a result, tension and spasms are often relieved.
-Massage can improve your sleep
-Massage can help your body heal and rejuvenate.

Massage for Neck Pain

Modern life can be a pain in the neck – quite literally.
Neck pain can be caused by office work, by homework and reading, by driving (and by car accidents) this will be a link that will redirect them to the auto accident section by traveling in cramped airplanes, by sleeping in awkward positions, or by good old-fashioned stress.

Regardless of where your neck pain comes from, massage will relax the muscles in the shoulder and neck, promote health in the region, and help you reclaim your healthy neck.

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Massage for Back Pain


Back pain is probably the most common complaint we treat. Almost everyone, it seems, suffers from a stiff and painful back from time to time.
Low-Back Pain
I have heard estimates that say that 80% of the population will experience low-back pain at some point in their life. There are innumerable possible causes for back pain, and many of them respond well to massage therapy.
Upper-Back Pain
Pain between the shoulder blades is often caused by poor postures that shorten the muscles on the front of the body and thereby put the muscles on the back under stress, resulting in upper-back pain (and sometimes neck pain). This affliction is very common with desk and office workers. We have had a very good success rate (around 85-90%) applying massage skills to this pattern and bringing relief to our patients and clients.
If your back pain is caused or increased by tight muscles, postural issues, we may be able to help you find relief.
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to book a massage session designed to reduce your back pain.