Injured in a Car Accident?

Injured in a Car Accident?

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If you have been in a car accident, your doctor may prescribe therapeutic massage treatments to ease your pain and decrease the chances of scar tissue buildup. Massage therapy can:

  • Relieve aching muscles
  • Rebuild muscle strength and flexibility
  • Allow muscle tissue to heal correctly

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Keep the pain at bay with injury massage therapy

After an accident, your body experiences shock from the trauma you went through. Your muscles tense up, and sometimes the onset of pain is delayed until hours or days after the impact.

When your muscles start to ache, it’s time to call the experts at Fulcher’s Therapeutic Massage. Our medical professional staff will treat your muscles with stimulating massage techniques to:

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Increase blood flow and circulation

Massages aren’t just an indulgence, they are a vital treatment to help your muscles recover. Our therapeutic massage can dramatically reduce long-term effects of car accident injuries, such as the buildup of scar tissue and decreased mobility.

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1. Start Treatment Early

Massage helps whiplash sufferers heal faster than not receiving any treatments focused on relaxing the soft tissues. Early treatment can reduce your time to heal from whiplash.

2. Reduce The Inflammation

Massage is excellent for reducing inflammation from injuries sustained in an auto accident. Reducing swelling around injured neck muscles can accelerate the healing process and reduce scar tissue.

3. Increase The Blood Flow

When massage therapy is performed on the body, it increases blood circulation. When blood travels to areas that are injured, it brings an increased flow of oxygen. This combination of increased blood and oxygen helps soft tissues throughout the neck heal themselves when they have been affected by whiplash.

4. Increase Range of Motion

Certain massage therapy techniques incorporate “myofascial release.” “Myofascial” refers to the muscle and tissues surrounding moving body parts, and “release” means that the therapist will manipulate the muscle and tissue to give it greater range of motion.

Treatment Protocol

Typically, the goals of massage therapy in injury recovery are to:

  •  reduce stress
  •  reduce pain and swelling
  •  improve circulation
  •  improve range of motion
  •  increase lymphatic flow
Immediately after a car accident, massage therapy can help you recover by reversing the effects that the shock and trauma of a car wreck can have on your nervous system. Massage also promotes circulation of both blood and lymph, which can help manage the swelling (edema) that usually comes with auto accident injuries. During the sub-acute stage (a few days to a few weeks, or even longer, after the accident), massage can help maintain and improve range of motion and may help prevent the formation of scar tissue and other myofascial adhesions. Later in your recovery, massage can address specific musculoskeletal injuries like whiplash, neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder sprains/strains, etc.
 Early in your treatment, we focus on addressing the effects of trauma, using relaxing techniques. As soon as it is safe, we incorporate techniques deep and other modalities to increase range of motion and prevent scar tissue and other adhesions from forming. Later in your recovery, we add orthopedic massage techniques designed to address specific musculoskeletal conditions like myofascial adhesions, muscle strains, ligament sprains, etc.
No two car accidents are the same, and everyone responds differently, so we always adapt our treatments to fit your unique needs. Many factors (the severity of the accident, the extent and nature of your injuries, your daily activities, etc.) affect your recovery, and we account for these factors in your care.


Your safety is always our first priority in any massage treatment, yet we are particularly careful to create a safe environment for you. You are likely to be in distress not only because of your injuries, but also because you may be unable to fulfill your normal work, family, and community obligations. “Normal life” has probably gone by the wayside as you deal with doctors and other health care providers, insurance companies, personal injury attorneys, auto body shops, and other people you never wanted to meet. The last thing you need is more stress, so we create a welcoming space, listen to you attentively, and communicate clearly throughout your massage treatments.
Injuries due to an auto accident can be serious, and new symptoms may emerge after you have been referred to us for massage.

Common Injuries

The most common injuries due to auto accidents that I see in my practice are:

  •   whiplash
  •   low-back pain
  •   myofascial pain
  •   headaches
  •   shoulder sprain/strain
  •   cervical sprain/strain
  •   thoracic sprain/strain
  •   lumbar sprain/strain

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