About Us

About Fulcher's Therapeutic Massage

Therapists at Fulchers Therapeutic Massage provide customized therapy to accommodate your needs. We are dedicated to providing educational treatment during your session in order to facilitate healing by retraining thought patterns in order to establish a better core relationship with your own body.

In order to make conscious decisions regarding your own body’s needs, you must first be able to understand your body’s full potential. Through therapeutic massage, we are able to boost your awareness, thereby helping you to heal.

We have multiple clinics and are at this time located within chiropractic offices. This is due to the tremendous health benefits of combined therapeutic massage and chiropractic care. In a typical treatment, massage therapy is performed in order to loosen tight muscles followed by a chiropractic adjustment moving bones back into their proper place. It’s a beautiful combination!

We strive to provide experienced, tailored, educated, core oriented, pain relief through massage, treating the whole person rather than just their symptoms.